About Us

"My name is Michael Sinclair and I run Intiva Technologies, a software development company which was first started at the beginning of 2021. I've had a passion for technology ever since I first started programming at the age of 14. I began my education by reading textbooks at the library to learn HTML/CSS as well as Java. Since then, I've gained extensive experience through developing side projects, stemming from information systems, games, office tools, and even customized text editors!

I learned to specialize and polish my skillset by going to BCIT, Canada. Here I learned to optimize my craft by using the best coding practices as well as search & sort algorithms. I also minored in business, learning great UI practices and design principles. I learned to communicate well within a team setting, as well as how to efficiently prioritize objectives and requirements."

About Intiva Technologies

I want to extend myself into new areas of technology, including software and hardware. Soon, Intiva Technologies will be showcasing innovative products that aren't yet known in the software market. It's why we're called Intiva Technologies; we do and will provide intuitive technologies that will make your workspace convenient beyond your expectations. Check out our upcoming projects to get an idea of what I mean."

‐Michael Sinclair, CEO of Intiva Technologies