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Spreadhseet program coming soon

Spreadsheet program coming soon

Intiva Technologies will soon be publishing a chart and spreadsheet management program. Spreadsheet software can be overkill when it comes to filling a spreadsheet that has a limited number of columns or rows. If you don't enjoy tracking your work hours on a piece of paper, stay tuned for a convenient time tracking and management program!

Our keyboard is coming soon

Hardware on the way

Intiva Technologies will be showcasing their new keyboard, with keycaps that are convenient and practical for extensive typing as well as gaming. It will also have a new component that isn't used in keyboards today…

Our office software is coming soon

Office software

We will be unleashing a new set of software tools to make your office or workspace more convenient and will also make you a more efficient worker than the average Joe. Please ask yourself this: do you like writing on cue cards?

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